Sorority Initiations

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Cheerleaders In Bondage Jewell Marceau and Sinn Sage hope to become college cheerleaders. They are surprised when the cheerleading tryouts require them to be bound and gagged. But they are aware of what goes on in kinky sorority initiations and assume this is simply a cheerleader initiation. It is not. It is a cruel plan by lesbian dominatrix Mistress Gemini who has a perverted desire to abuse and humiliate teenage cheerleaders in bondage. And once these two college girls are tied up and helpless, the two cheerleaders in bondage suffer humiliation, torture and sexual abuse at the hands of lesbian dominatrix Mistress Gemini!

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Part 1 Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(This page !!!)
Part 2 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Tammy is humiliated in bondage.)
Part 3 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Self humiliation by naked tit bondage.)
Part 4 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Tit torture - self torture.)
Part 5 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(More tit torture - self torture.)
Part 6 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Forced to strip naked for self humiliation.)
Part 7 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(More self humiliation.)
Part 8 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Even more tit torture - self torture.)
Part 9 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Pussy torture - self torture.)
Part 10 Of Tammy's Sorority Initiations
(Even more humiliation.)

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Tammy's Sorority Initiations

Handcuffed In Bondage, Forced To Strip Naked, Self Torture & Self Humiliation

(These bondage photos and torture photos are NOT of Tammy, they are of a bondage model recreating Tammy's bondage, humiliation and self torture.)

Tammy was forced to strip to her knickers and bra, then her hands were handcuffed behind her back. In this underwear bondage she was forced to kneel on the floor. She was left kneeling in handcuff bondage for some time as the start of her humiliation.

Jenny's sorority initiation would be cruel. She would be made to strip naked and suffer sexual humiliation, bondage and pain.

The teenage girls humiliation and torture would be administered by sadistic sorority girls intent on enjoying Jenny's initiations.

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Bondage, Punishments & Suffering

The Torments Of Annie, told by Annie in her own words

Annie tells you EVERYTHING !

Ten REAL Bondage Stories

You may have read a book called "Slave Annie In Bondage". That was THE MOST POPULAR BONDAGE BOOK I HAVE EVER SOLD. Everyone wanted a copy ! In it Vykki told the (true) story of how she came to own Annie as her slave, and the cruel and sadistic things she did to her. In it, Vykki mentioned in passing that before she "owned" Annie, Annie used to act out her own bondage fantasies. In these she imagined that she was tied up in bondage or in someone's power (or both) and really made to suffer. She imagined that she was punished, and tortured and fucked. And she REALLY inflicted these tortures on herself. They often went on for hours, and some were so severe that she needed medical treatment, in one case she was lucky not to die.

A lot of people asked me if I could publish a set of bondage books telling them about this. Annie did not want to, but Vykki thought it would be a good idea. And since Vykki now 'owns' Annie as a slave, she simply ordered Annie to prepare the books and her slave had no choice but to obey.

So here it is in full detail and in Annie's own words. Read about Annie's bondage, punishment, and torture as she fantasises that she is some evil man's captive, and imagines what he will do to her. Then she REALLY inflicts these tortures on herself.

In this set Annie not only tells you what she is fantasising about, she also tells you everything she REALLY suffers in full detail, as she ACTUALLY inflicts the punishments, tortures, and physical abuse on herself that she imagines her captors are doing..

There are ten bondage stories in this book, you get to read all that she suffers.

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In the evening I made her strip naked, then lie on her back on the kitchen table. I tied her to the table. I had tortured her boobs several times, now I wanted to use just nipple torture.

First I whipped her nipples for a long time to make her nipples very sore, and more sensitive to pain. Then I pinched her nipples hard, and twisted them round it one direction, far enough to really hurt. Then I twisted them in the other direction, then back in the original direction, and kept on twisting them backwards and forwards, every time twisting them far enough to hurt a lot. Then I pulled her nipples up, stretching her boobs until her back began to lift off the table, and I held her like that for a while. Then I dripped hot wax on her nipples, let it harden, and pealed it off. I repeated this for over half a candle. Then I whipped her nipples again.

I made my dinner while she was still on the table, then used her tummy as a table mat, putting my plate on it while I ate. I stopped during the meal to use the phone, and the food got cold. I put it in the oven to get hot. This made the plate hot too, I had to use oven gloves to lift it out, but I put it straight back on annie's naked tummy. After, I had ice cream. The cold bowl replaced the hot plate on her tummy, leaving it there to freeze her tummy. After dinner I exercised, by whipping her boobs. I left her tied to the table naked and hungry, so I could torture her more after watching television.......

This is an extract from Vykki's diary. Her full diary is available in eBook form. To read the entire true story Click Here.

After Jane had finished her story, Karren began telling them about her experiences of bullying at school and at university. She had (as I have already mentioned) deliberately hung around with the bullying types. Initially she just got insulted, or was the butt of jokes both practical and verbal. The insults and verbal jokes came mostly from other girls, and the practical jokes came mostly from the boys.

The practical ones were very childish (whoopee cushions, pepper filled sweets, etc., kids stuff). Several girls suffered these at the start, but most of the other girls fought back, and those that did not simply avoided the 'jokers'. As Karren was the only one not to do anything about it, the jokes continued to be played on her even after they had stopped on the other girls (this was what Karren wanted).

She also suffered minor physical bullying from the boys, pulling her hair, flicking elastic bands at her, etc..

But it was the girls in her hall of residence that first started with the more serious bullying......

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. To their amazement the guys got replies to their advert, and from that advert got real women slaves, women prepared to let the men chain them up, humiliate them, torture them. and use their bodies for sex in any way (and any hole) the guys wanted. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

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