Sorority Initiations

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Sorority Hazing Horror Privileged sorority girls (Ariel Hope, Sula) get off on a hazing They take an innocent teenage pledge (Bunny) to what they think is an abandoned house. They plan to make her spend the night blindfolded and terrified to prove herself worthy of joining their elitist sorority. But the rich bitches get the tables turned on them when it turns out their hazing headquarters is actually occupied by two psychos who are seriously into bondage and sadism. The psychos arrange their own sadistic sorority initiations in bondage for all four college girls.

Nominated for "Best BDSM Release" for an AVN award and selected for the "Best Ensemble Performace of the Year" by Beverly Hills Outlook, "Sorority Hazing Horror" brings you full on raw heavy hardcore BDSM!

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Tammy's Sorority Initiations
Handcuffed In Bondage, Forced To Strip Naked, Self Torture & Self humiliation

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Carol's Sorority Initiations
Bondage, Public Humiliation, Tit Torture And Pussy Torture

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Ali's Sorority Initiations
Water Torture In The Shower


Extra Sorority Initiations
left over initiation pictures from the photoshoots

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Sorority Initiations

Sadistic sorority girls force college girls to suffer cruel sorority initiations

Welcome to Sorority Initiations, a website full of, erm, sorority initiations. Well what the hell did you expect to find at ? Pictures of aardvarks dancing the lambada ? No, here you will find eighteen and nineteen year old college girls (pledges) forced to suffer sadistic initiations at the hands of other eighteen and nineteen year old college girls (sorority girls, or little sadists to give them a more accurate name). The initiations are mostly painful, always humiliating, and often sexual. I have a large selection of articles, stories, photos, and drawings that I will add here as time permits. At the moment there are only three sorority initiations listed, although two are several pages long, and all three are illustrated with photos. However do not expect all of them to have photos in future, I have hundreds of true stories of sorority initiations, and in picking only three I was able to pick the ones I could find suitable photos for. In future some will only be illustrated with drawings, and some will not be illustrated at all. But I do have plenty to come with photos, and if money permits I may even pay to have a few photos made up.

OK, did you notice the word 'true' in the previous paragraph ? And if so did you believe it ? I hope so, because these really are true stories of sorority girls' initiations. I have been collecting them for over twenty years (hell I am getting old), nearly all were told me by the 'victim' (although a few were told by one of the sadistic sorority girls who performed the initiation). I do not collect stories that come from "someone who knows someone whose friend's cousin was initiated", because usually by that time the story has been heavily elaborated on, if it was ever true in the first place. So all the sorority initiations I collect were told to me by one of the sorority girls involved, and in 99% of the cases it was the pledge who was initiated who told me about it.

So what more can I tell you ? Well only to bookmark this page NOW because I will add more sorority initiations to this site, including plenty more photos of sorority girls suffering these initiations.

Bookmarked this page yet ? If not, then bookmark this page NOW, you don't want to miss out. When you have bookmarked this page, look at the index on the top left and watch a few sorority initiations. Then look at the free videos and free galleries on the right. They will be updated from time to time, so that is another reason to bookmark this page. When you have finally seen everything on this page (and bookmarked it for future re-visits) take a look at the other free sites I have listed here. They will give you lots more to look at and enjoy!

Look at poor Jenny. The other sorority girls will force her into a sorority initiation.

She will be spanked, caned, beaten, tortured, stripped naked, and tied up in bondage. Then while helpless and naked in bondage, she will be given to men and to lesbians to be used as a sex "plaything".

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A Teenage Girl's First Sex

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An Eighteen Year Old Virgin's True Story Of Deflowerment.

This is a true story. Alison was eighteen when she first went to university and was still a virgin - a sweet, innocent girl. But at university she will take her first steps on the ladder of sexual awareness. There she will see a naked male body for the first time in her life. She will give her first hand job, her first blowjob, and finally give away her virginity as she at last experiences sex, real sex.

Join her as she takes those faltering steps to womanhood, enjoy with her the pleasures of those first sexual experiences, be there as she finally allows him to take from her the innocence of virginity.

You will be taken through every stage of her sexual awakening. Her first kiss, the first time she lets him touch her leg, her breasts, her body. The moment she sees an erect penis for the first time, and the moment she first touches it.

Then be with her as she experiences each new sexual delight, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and finally the whole thing.

Alison lost her innocence at university, and as her story unfolds you too will want to be there, want to read it, want to experience it alongside her.

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Dear Diary:
Today I start my initiation into the sorority. I know it will be horrible. I know I will suffer terribly in the hands of the sadistic older girls who will inflict this cruel initiation on me. But I want to join the sorority, so I must endure whatever tortures they have planned for me.

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She is a
She is about to be FUCKED for the
first time!

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(A new story is added every day.)

An advert appeared in a contacts magazine in the late 1980's saying "Four dominant males, 28, 32, 37, 41, looking for submissive women 18-40 interested in re-enacting historical events of bondage and torture".

The 'Four dominant males' were four friends, all divorced, who had decided not to get married again. (You know the old joke "I've decided not to remarry. Instead I'll save time by finding a woman who hates me and give her my house and half my income". Well that was the jaundice view these men had on marriage after loosing a lot in divorce settlements.)But regardless of the fact that they did not want to remarry, they still had a libido (about the only thing their wives had not taken in the divorce settlements), and still needed a sex life. And they were fed up of the fact that most of the time their sexual partner was their own right hand.

So they decided to use a contacts magazine to find partners. Two of them admitted to being 'dominator types' all their lives, the other two claimed to be 'nice caring sharing kind of guys' until the divorce laws gave them a 'desire for revenge on all womankind'. But their fear of getting suckered into another marriage made them determined not to do the 'falling in love' thing. After a lot of beers, and a lot of talk, and a lot more beers, they came up with the idea of looking for 'submissive' women as slaves instead of wives.

The following day, sober, they realised that it would probably be impossible to get women to agree with that, and possibly illegal (not sure about the latter, but the former is far from correct from the stories I have collected).

After even more discussion, and even more beers, they decided that as historical re-enactment groups were popular at the time, they could get away with setting up a 'Hellfire Club re-enactment group'. But further discussion led them to decide to expand their remit beyond The Hellfire Club to all similar historical events.

And that led to the placing of the advert.....

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. To their amazement the guys got replies to their advert, and from that advert got real women slaves, women prepared to let the men chain them up, humiliate them, torture them. and use their bodies for sex in any way (and any hole) the guys wanted. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

They grabbed me in the dark, and dragged me into a deserted building, there are four men and one woman, and they tie a rope around my neck and the other end to ring in the wall. They order me to strip naked, I am terrified, so I obey. First I removed my shoes and socks, stalling for time, pause, then because I have no choice I take off my blouse,, then I remove my skirt, while they leer lustily at my legs. I wait, hoping that this is enough, but it is not, and I remove my bra, they leer at my boobs. Finally I remove my knickers, leaving me naked and vulnerable, they like that.

One by one the men spend some time fondling by boobs, then the woman does too, and I realise, to my horror, that she is a lesbian.

Then one of them says "her tits would look better bruised", and produces a cruel looking cane. Each of them take a turn in whipping my boobs with the cane, and they go on for over an hour, it hurts a lot. By the time they stop I am in considerable pain.

This has got the men horny, so they make me kneel on the floor naked, in front of them and they masturbate over me. When they cum, they spurt their cum in my face, and all over my body. They make me kneel there for an hour, in shame, while their cum dries on me

Then there is an argument, the woman wants to use me to aid her masturbation, but the men want to get on with torturing me......

This is an extract from one of the stories in the book "Bondage, Punishments & Suffering - The Torments Of Annie", a selection of real bondage fantasies that Annie has actually acted out, suffering every torture in the story herself, then she tells you all about what she suffered. Click Here to go to the distributor's site and to buy the book NOW.

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