Sorority Initiations

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Sorority Hazing Horror Privileged sorority girls (Ariel Hope, Sula) get off on a hazing They take an innocent teenage pledge (Bunny) to what they think is an abandoned house. They plan to make her spend the night blindfolded and terrified to prove herself worthy of joining their elitist sorority. But the rich bitches get the tables turned on them when it turns out their hazing headquarters is actually occupied by two psychos who are seriously into bondage and sadism. The psychos arrange their own sadistic sorority initiations in bondage for all four college girls.

Nominated for "Best BDSM Release" for an AVN award and selected for the "Best Ensemble Performace of the Year" by Beverly Hills Outlook, "Sorority Hazing Horror" brings you full on raw heavy hardcore BDSM!

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Tammy's Sorority Initiations
Handcuffed In Bondage, Forced To Strip Naked, Self Torture & Self humiliation

Remember to look for an index like this for the entire week of the sorority initiation.

Carol's Sorority Initiations
Bondage, Public Humiliation, Tit Torture And Pussy Torture

Remember to look for an index like this for the entire week of the sorority initiation.


Ali's Sorority Initiations
Water Torture In The Shower


Extra Sorority Initiations
left over initiation pictures from the photoshoots

(New galleries added every day.)

Woman gets hot candle wax on her bare foot

Submissive slave gets her nipples painfuly pierced with needles

Hot bound girl gets her pussy abused by her man

Asian slut with clothespins all over her body gets burnt with candle wax

Abused nipple

Slavegirl with clothespins on her tits is bound outside to a tree

Emily Sharpe takes some intense food humiliation

Chubby girl receives severe breast abuse

Mature slave gets needles on her nipples

Filthy slave gets needles on her foot

Public bondage and whipping

Needle corsette

Bound slavegirl Emily Sharpe gets tight clothespins on her pussy

Bound slave takes severe nipple pain

First Humiliation and Pain

(New galleries added every day.)

Fast food humiliation

Heavy weights hanging from slave's pussy

Magick plays with the screaming painslut Crystel Lei

Nose Torments and Facial Humiliation

Bound girl with clothespins on her boobs gets caned

Slave girl gets pins on her tights and pussy

Clothespins on pussy and tits

Lesbian BDSM with wax playing

Pussy pain and spanking

Extreme bondage and clothespins playing

Correctional Spanking by Mistress Natasha

Slavegirl gets the caning of her life

Bound girl gets a bibrator between her legs an a hard whipping all over her body

KumiMonster gets suspended and tormented

Slavegirl as a puppy in extreme Humiliation

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Sorority Initiations

Sadistic sorority girls force college girls to suffer cruel sorority initiations

Welcome to Sorority Initiations, a website full of, erm, sorority initiations. Well what the hell did you expect to find at ? Pictures of aardvarks dancing the lambada ? No, here you will find eighteen and nineteen year old college girls (pledges) forced to suffer sadistic initiations at the hands of other eighteen and nineteen year old college girls (sorority girls, or little sadists to give them a more accurate name). The initiations are mostly painful, always humiliating, and often sexual. I have a large selection of articles, stories, photos, and drawings that I will add here as time permits. At the moment there are only three sorority initiations listed, although two are several pages long, and all three are illustrated with photos. However do not expect all of them to have photos in future, I have hundreds of true stories of sorority initiations, and in picking only three I was able to pick the ones I could find suitable photos for. In future some will only be illustrated with drawings, and some will not be illustrated at all. But I do have plenty to come with photos, and if money permits I may even pay to have a few photos made up.

OK, did you notice the word 'true' in the previous paragraph ? And if so did you believe it ? I hope so, because these really are true stories of sorority girls' initiations. I have been collecting them for over twenty years (hell I am getting old), nearly all were told me by the 'victim' (although a few were told by one of the sadistic sorority girls who performed the initiation). I do not collect stories that come from "someone who knows someone whose friend's cousin was initiated", because usually by that time the story has been heavily elaborated on, if it was ever true in the first place. So all the sorority initiations I collect were told to me by one of the sorority girls involved, and in 99% of the cases it was the pledge who was initiated who told me about it.

So what more can I tell you ? Well only to bookmark this page NOW because I will add more sorority initiations to this site, including plenty more photos of sorority girls suffering these initiations.

Bookmarked this page yet ? If not, then bookmark this page NOW, you don't want to miss out. When you have bookmarked this page, look at the index on the top left and watch a few sorority initiations. Then look at the free videos and free galleries on the right. They will be updated from time to time, so that is another reason to bookmark this page. When you have finally seen everything on this page (and bookmarked it for future re-visits) take a look at the other free sites I have listed here. They will give you lots more to look at and enjoy!

Look at poor Jenny. The other sorority girls will force her into a sorority initiation.

She will be spanked, caned, beaten, tortured, stripped naked, and tied up in bondage. Then while helpless and naked in bondage, she will be given to men and to lesbians to be used as a sex "plaything".

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Dear Diary:
Today I start my initiation into the sorority. I know it will be horrible. I know I will suffer terribly in the hands of the sadistic older girls who will inflict this cruel initiation on me. But I want to join the sorority, so I must endure whatever tortures they have planned for me.

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She is a
She is about to be FUCKED for the
first time!

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(A new story is added every day.)

Allan said "She is a little slut, and she is for hire. Anyone want her to give them a blowjob, we only charge what she is worth, one penny a blowjob" One of her workmates says "You're joking man!" and Allan replies "No, just one penny." The workmate laughs and says "Hell, then I'm in."

The man pays Allan his penny and Allan asks "Do you want her in bondage, no extra charge?" He considers it, then opts for the 'in bondage' option. At his request Karren is made to kneel with her back against a scaffolding pole, one leg either side of it. Her ankles are tied together with a belt, behind the pole, Her knees are tied together with her blouse in front of the pole, trapping her to the pole. Then she is made to raise her arms, and her wrists are tied to the scaffolding pole above her head with her bra. Her skirt had been left by the roadside, lost forever. So now Karren was tied up totally naked to the scaffolding pole, kneeling and helpless in bondage. The man who paid his penny forces his cock into her mouth and she obediently gives him a blowjob. When he cums she obediently swallows his semen.

As soon as he has finished the second man is ready with his penny. He forces his dick in her mouth, and again she obediently sucks him off, swallowing his cum.

Surprisingly the third man takes some persuading. Not only do the other two men try to talk him into it, but so do the two women. Karren hears one of the women, a good friend of hers, saying "Go on, humiliate the bitch with your cock."

Eventually the man gives in, hands over a penny, and forces Karren to give him a blowjob.

To Karren's horror, when he has finished, one of the women comes over and hands Allan a penny, with a questioning look on her face. Allan takes the penny and says "Why not?".....

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I hate it at college, I wish I were home. There are some girls here who keep bullying me, tonight they dragged me to the park, stripped me naked, and tied me to a tree. They have left me here, It is dark, I am alone, I am naked, and I am scared.

A group of drunken men have seen me, they cannot believe their luck, I am tied up and helpless, they can do what they like with me. They start playing with my boobs and pussy, laughing and jeering as they do so. One of them kisses me, forcing my mouth open so he can use tongues, he is drunk, he tastes of stale beer, it is horrible. While he kisses me his friends are fondling my boobs and fingering my pussy, it is awful, but I am tied up, and cannot stop them.

This goes on for over an hour before they get bored, then one of them sniggers and rams a stick up my pussy. They all find this funny, and shove more and more sticks up my pussy, stretching it open painfully. Then they leave them there.

One of them is a sadist, he wants to ........

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